Tal's History

Mr. and Mrs. TalericoTal's Square Deal was founded in 1946 by Joseph Tal Sr. and his wife, Bernadine. The store was first located at 5720 Ridge Road. In 1955, it moved to its current location.

From the earliest days, the store offered a variety of grocery and deli items for the many families in the area, but it quickly became known for its corned beef, a hard-to-find commodity on Cleveland's west side.

Tal's eventually began offering catering, and many a party in Parma and beyond has featured food from Tal's through the years.

In 1970, Joe Sr. retired from the business and passed the baton to his son, Joe Tal Jr. Since then the business has held fast to its traditions and family's Italian heritage.

The legendary corned beef sandwiches are still offered today, and Tal Jr. says that old-timers stop in regularly for a "taste of their childhood."

In 2011, Tal's expanded their focus on gourmet food by adding an in-store bakery, coffee bar, and olive bar.

Tal's Interior